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The Better.com Challenge to do more for families with critically ill children

Join Better.com and give $10 for every loan closed to the MBA Opens Doors Foundation to help families with critically ill children stay in their homes.

The MBA Opens Doors Foundation is the industry’s bridge between the mortgage industry and the families that need our help. So this year, Better.com is committed to helping MBA Opens Doors do more for families with critically ill children.  We invite you to join us!

Better.com is committed to giving $10 for every loan closed each month to the MBA Opens Doors Foundation and we want you to do that too.  Here’s why:

Thousands of children in our communities fall ill each year and for families already living pay check to pay check, a child’s serious illness can devastate them financially. Their homes, once a place of refuge and security are suddenly threatened. But we can help.

In less than 10 years, the MBA Opens Doors Foundation has helped nearly 4,000 families from 49 states and provided more than $5 million dollars in mortgage and rental assistance specifically to families with critically ill children who are also in danger of losing their homes.  

We challenge you to join us for a minimum of six months and donate $10 for every loan closed each month.  Together we can match that $5 million with $5 million more for families who desperately need our help. We can help Opens Doors double their impact! And, because the Mortgage Bankers Association pays 100% of the Foundation's operational expenses, 100% of your monthly contribution goes directly to a family in need.

 There are two ways to join the challenge:

1.  Donate $10 for every loan closed for a minimum of six months by visiting Lenders Helping Families in Need. 

2.   Sign the pledge and each month, MBA Opens Doors Foundation will send you the proper form and payment information for you to process a monthly check. Just send the form back to Deborah Dubois at ddubois@mba.org.  

Need more information? Contact Deborah Dubois, President of MBA Opens Doors Foundation at ddubois@mba.org or by phone at 202-557-2909.


Please join us and help keep families with critically ill children in their homes.

About Better.com: Backed by Ally, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, American Express Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Pine Brook and Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), Better.com is one of the fastest growing home finance disruptors in America, leveraging technology to make homeownership more transparent, affordable and accessible.  Unlike traditional lenders, Better.com operates on a commission-free business model that enables its customers to save an average of $3500 per loan. Better.com not only closes loans 50% quicker than the industry average[1] (21 days vs. industry average of 42 days), its proprietary technology also allows its non-commissioned loan officers to outpace the industry by 1347%, originating 55 loans per month vs. the industry standard[2] of 3.8 loans per month. Since inception in 2016, Better.com has funded nearly $4B in loans.  The company was recognized as one of Forbes FinTech 50 2018, and one of Crain’s Best Places to Work in New York City. For more information, follow @betterdotcom.

[1]  Ellie Mae Origination Insight Report - March 2019

[2] MBA Economic and Mortgage Finance Outlook Prepared for Midwinter Conference - March 2019

"We would just like to thank you for the grant. It has helped us out a great deal. It made the month of May a great month. The work you all do does more than you know, and for that we are grateful."
"Thank you so much! It means the world to me that you have been able to help me pay one month's mortgage while we are going through this difficult time in our lives. God most certainly will bestow his blessings to all of you! Love, hugs and many blessings sent you're guys' way!"
"To MBA Opens Doors, Thank you so much for helping my family out during this hard time. It is greatly appreciated."
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